The Preview: Microsoft is a multi-national technology corporation that offers countless products and services used worldwide, and employs over 100,000 people. USM&O (US Marketing & Operations) is a branch of the Microsoft Corporation driving marketing operations in the US.

The Goal: With such a large, complex and fast-paced work environment, Microsoft needed a way to engage and prepare USM&O employees for the coming fiscal year. Employees needed the ability to participate in quality training platform that was available to them without disrupting their work.

The Game: The Engagified team worked with USM&O to develop Mission Possible 3 (MP3)—a game designed to drive innovative marketing, sales, and extreme business leadership. MP3 included game features designed to drive competition and social engagement, leveraging a leaderboard, activity feed, badges, customizable avatars, yammer sharing, and prize incentives. Players could see how their peers were doing in the game, could design their own avatar with different facial features and hair styles, could share their game experiences over their social network. By playing the game, players were entered into drawings for a range of gift cards and prizes in recognition for their effort and participation.

While players enjoyed the competition, gameplay and prizes, they were also learning crucial information and developing skills in a range of areas. Our team utilized custom content specific to Microsoft’s training needs. Players showed their mastery of different areas by earning badges in Marketing Excellence, Operational Excellence, Mobility & Devices, Cloud Productivity & Enterprise Social, Cloud Platform, Business Insights & Mission Critical, Modern Apps, Deployment & Consumption, and IT Pro & Developer Ecosystem.

MP3 is more than just a gaming platform. Microsoft USM&O leadership was able to track all the player activity in order to ensure their team was getting the training that they needed. MP3 offered an affordable alternative to traditional, time-consuming, and tedious training strategies, and engaged employees using technology. MP3 provided a training option for USM&O that aligned with Microsoft’s culture and work environment by creating a fun and efficient way to learn and grow.

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