Travel Oregon Engagement Survey

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The Preview: Travel Oregon is a subset of the Oregon Consortium dedicated to improving the Oregon Experience and strengthening the travel industry. For 2015, Travel Oregon has worked to develop a comprehensive Industry Action Plan, bringing together the diverse stakeholders in the Oregon travel industry.

The Goal: With a plan in place, Travel Oregon needed a way to reach out to the industry, get the word out, and recruit support and participation in order to achieve industry-wide initiatives. Travel Oregon needed a way to identify people’s interest in participation in an interactive, entertaining, and affordable way.

The Game: From their work with Strategic Arts & Sciences, Travel Oregon reached out to the Engagified team to develop an interactive survey tool. This tool was deployed at the Governor’s Conference, where hundreds of stakeholders in the Oregon travel and hospitality industry were present. Our team created an interactive, guided survey that helped identify current industry participation, interest in Action Areas from the Industry Action Plan, and (if participants chose) contact information.

We know that most people don’t particularly enjoy taking surveys. To remedy this, the Engagified team created an interactive and personalized experience. Rocky, the hipster lumberjack, guided participants through a short survey that was responsive to participant answers. Over the course of the survey, participants engaged in a sort of conversation with Rocky, answering questions and being guided through the survey based on their responses—culminating in a personalized summary page offering more information based on their specific interests. As participants moved through the survey, they experienced design features created to highlight different regions of Oregon and in alignment with other Travel Oregon assets.

This quirky, fun, and thoroughly Oregonian survey was designed with two primary goals in mind: to be useful and fun for participants, and to provide Travel Oregon with contacts who have expressed interest in contributing to industry initiatives. Our team created a specialized Admin Tool allowing Travel Oregon to organize participants based upon their interests and availability. Using this secure, password-protected Admin Tool, Travel Oregon members can easily access the information they need to recruit assistance for statewide initiatives based people’s interest and availability through the use of weighted Engagement Scores. Engagement Scores are based on multiple factors, including interest level, availability, and willingness to be contacted, assigning weighted values that reflect these factors at a glance. The result: people are only contacted about projects that are meaningful to them.

This custom tool was developed to meet Travel Oregon’s needs at the right price point. The Engagement Survey provided the means for Travel Oregon to reach out to industry stakeholders in a way that took into account people’s needs and initiated the conversations needed to put the industry plan into action.

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