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Our Engagified platforms offer ready-made game designs that we style to fit your brand. Provide your own content or work with our team to develop the content you need. Engagified is a budget friendly option for direct quiz engagement, helping you to reinforce new facts and skills.


Our Engagified+ platforms offer a more immersive experience—leveraging more game components and social outlets to drive engagement and create a more customized learning environment. Engagified+ platforms are ideal for more complex subjects and ongoing training programs.

Engagified Custom

If you can dream it, we can help you build it. Our team is equipped to create and design game platforms specific to your needs. We offer in-depth consultation to help you realize your vision and ensure the greatest engagement and impact possible for your budget.



Engagification provides an excellent venue to impart knowledge. Typically, this is done through a series of activities where things like new facts, skills, and behaviors can be developed and observed/tested to ascertain the level of proficiency gained as a result of going through the experience.


Beyond training, Engagification gives us the ability to validate users’ skills and knowledge through testing. This is key for the user as a means to continue knowledge transfer and validate knowledge gained, as well as for program administration to ensure knowledge transfer is successful.

Building Affinity

All of this leads to building affinity, both for the game and for various products. We build game affinity by appealing to factors that drive users, such as social, rewards/badges, points, and other extrinsic motivations. Beyond that, we help you tailor the experience so that it is right for your audience (giveaways, competitions, etc.).

Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation

In order to drive engagement and learning outcomes through gamified content, game behavior needs to be designed and implemented to have a reciprocating engagement effect; that is, the act of playing should make you want to play more.

Research suggests that in order to accomplish these goals, effective games must appeal to both intrinsic and extrinsic factors of the game environment, with the intrinsic motivation being the most important from a planning perspective.

Behind the Scenes

Engagified is more than just the gaming experience. All of our games include access to behind-the-scenes data and analytics necessary to track ROI and understand player participation. Each game comes with a robust set of analytics, so that you can track player behavior, and see what impact your game is having on your business. Our games come with access to an Admin Tool that allows organizational leaders and trainers to understand game data at a glance.

Like the rest of our platform, the Admin Tool is customizable so that you can track the information that is most important to you and your organization. Our Admin Tool can collect everything from individual player activity to identifying the most frequently missed question, to custom scores generated by the compilation of multiple factors. Finally, our Admin Tool puts you in control of your game, allowing you to edit questions and reset players.

Why Engagified?

Our combination of industry knowledge and design experience allows us to produce a high quality product. We offer a streamlined, personal experience at an affordable price point. With our team, you get a personal point of contact and a strategy developed to meet your specific needs.

We offer tailored experiences to fit your needs at every stage of development and implementation.

Our platform uses cutting edge techniques in modern web architecture to deliver game play experiences and analytic reporting structures that enable a superior learning environment.

We build it, you run it. Whatever your needs, our game packages will ensure you get fast and efficient ROI. When we say we’ve got game, we mean it. Prices start at less than the cost of a single day’s training.

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